Social Media Integration


We don’t need to tell you how valuable social media is. It is the catalyst that builds businesses and rightfully so! What if you sold jewelry and you could show every woman interested in jewelry your products every day as you update them? This is how social media works and at JKM we know how to take advantage of the nature of social media to optimize your exposure.

Efficient work for maximum specificity

We build social media campaigns as well as integration into your websites in order for you to utilize them perfectly. We use a streamlined approach that targets your specific audience without wasting time and resources on exposures you don’t need. We cover all of the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and even specialty networks such as Reddit, Tumblr and RSS.

A Connected Market

The market has never been more connected. In fact, social media advertisement is becoming even more powerful than TV ads. We help you set up Facebook and Twitter campaigns that will show your product or service to those who are looking into it. Many people do their research through social media, what better way to expose your business to these people than directly?