High Ranking SEO


The internet is littered with half-working websites, once completed they charge upwards of 1000$ to optimize it for you. JK Marketing offers Web Design Search Engine Optimization services which are included in our websites. Search Engine Optimization is the absolute reason why you even need a website. SEO allows your website to be searched effectively on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These days there is only one way to find you are looking for – “Google It.” SEO shows those people “Googling” your business to find you. we set up a SEO system for your website connected to Facebook, Twitter and a Blog which you can promote without our assistance. We handle all of this for every website we build!

Full SEO

We also offer professional SEO Maintenance and Google Ads campaign set up which allows you to pay to be the FIRST thing that people see when they “Google” you. With professional SEO Maintenance you pay a low monthly price in which we update all of your social media (Facebook, Twitter and Blog) on a weekly basis with optimized descriptions which will skyrocket your natural rankings.

Complete SEO Maintenance

Increase your ranking Every Week! Our experience has shown us what the internet demands. We pride ourselves with tactical knowledge of current techniques and procedures that put your website on top. We know that sometimes what is required is incredibly invasive, involving you to change the way something is written or the way it is presented to Web-Crawlers in order for search engines to find your website. This service is a weekly service in which we update your Twitter, Facebook and any other social media accounts to promote SEO as well as linking your business in networks which is the fastest way to promote natural listings (how high up your website is on search engines). If the content of your website is not optimized for the Google web-crawl, we will change it ourselves! These days there is no business without Facebook. Our social networking expertise will take you down the line introducing you to the most popular social networking websites and create pages for each one, maximizing your audience and the presence of your business in the social world. Popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin.

Choose the Proper Keywords for Maximum Exposure

One easy investment that will promote your business effectively is through Google/Bing AdWords. This service allows search engines to put your website at the very top by a pay-per-click method. The trick is to set it up the right way so you don’t end up paying $10 per click and wasting money. Setting it up can be a very complex task, but with our experience and set up skills we can get it done fast and teach you how to use it. All you have to do is log in, select what you want to promote and watch the leads come in!

Advertisement Video and Flash Services

Let our Professionals Handle it! Need to promote your company or products through Television or Internet Video networks such as YouTube? Or are you looking to just make a simple flash advertisement for the internet? JK Marketing is the right choice! With professional grade video and sound editing plus experience with video direction we can create any advertisement you may need for your business.